How To Manage Google Drive on Your Apple Computer in 5 Easy Steps

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With all of the cloud storage available to you, it can be confusing sometimes to manage files and make sure you are not deleting things permanently. With over 1TB cloud storage with Google Drive, you can back up all of your files and make sure it is with you everywhere you go. There is a catch to this. Recently, I experienced something that I didn't necessarily expect. I thought that by linking my Google Drive to my personal laptop, I was only backing up to the cloud and not my hard drive. I was wrong.

My laptop hard drive has 256GB of storage and my Google Drive account has 1TB of storage. I was going through my files and importing new ones from my DSLR straight to my linked Google Drive account on my laptop assuming it was not effecting my laptop's hard drive. After doing things this way for a couple weeks, I got a notification saying that my computer is running out of space and that I needed to clear it up in order to back up more data. I was worried because my job relied on my ability to manage media files as a photographer, videographer, and audio producer. Here are some of the steps I took to maintain the little laptop space I had while keeping my files and continuing to backup and more data on Google Drive.

Step One: Disconnect your linked Google Drive account under preferences.




Step Two: Go online into your Gmail and Google Drive account and verify all of your files are still there.

Step Three: Delete files you don't immediately need on your desktop's Google Drive folder but don't empty your bin yet. 

Step Four: Go back online into your Gmail and Google Drive account and verify all of the files you trashed are still in your online Google Drive account and not deleted permanently.  When I did this I had 40GB of photos I didn't immediately need so I trashed them and emptied my bin.  Remember when you empty your bin, you are permanently deleting the files so be cautious and re-check your files before deleting them permanently.

Step Five: Check your computer storage space. At this point you should see that your computer storage has provided you more room.   


I hope this helps you with your media managing process specifically with Google Drive and Apple Computers.  Managing your files online can be easy with cloud storage.  it is just a matter of knowing the basics of how it all works.  Now go create, have fun, and be awesome!

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