Why & How People Shop


Most people are highly educated before they make purchases.  As a culture, we have adopted the ability to access limitless information to educate ourselves on things we want and need.  People use search engines to make sure they are connecting the potential purchase with abundant information to use for and against the purchasing process.  What does this mean for businesses?

It means that your customers don't need you to sell them on a product or service.  They will simply come to you for an opinion if they even need it.  The average person between the ages of 10 & 64 are making decisions that we as a society did not have access to 3 decades ago.  The benefits of the web is the ability to connect with information that offers the tools to make a judgement call.  Businesses need to understand that technology and information generates awareness.  Being able to market with new strategies like inbound marketing with a mix of outbound marketing.  Adopting technologies like Google Business View for store fronts so people can make the best decisions on where to drive is critical in being "in the radar" as a legitimate operation.  Adopting automation processes to further efficiency & maintaining organic growth with human relationships is also critical to keep any businesses authentic.  Maintain your path while adopting what works for your businesses along the way. 

As a society, we are attached to technology to access information that can move us toward goals.  Whether it is expanding your business, optimizing your online information, maintaining health in all levels of your business, and keeping up with how our culture is moving.  It is important to understand that any information you need is as far as a click of a mouse, a slide of a finger, and the intelligence to comprehend information.  Businesses should take control of their valued products and services by adopting what our society needs.  Information.  Information drives sales.  Authority drives trust. Consistency and an openminded approach drives innovation.

Siha GnetComment