A New Chapter Leaving a Secure Job

I Recently Left A Job That Was Safe And Secure To Follow My Dreams In Multimedia Production.  

I have 100% faith in my pursuit to success financially, spiritually, and physically even though early on, I had mixed feelings.  It takes preparation, calculated risk, and education before I pulled the trigger to leave.  Passion by itself would have gotten me half way toward my goals.  It required a steady pace of action everyday to win & lose battles toward my goal but never once did I quit.  I had weeks where I didn't do anything toward my goals, but that changed when I realized that being complacent is for those that don't need anything more.  I wanted more, so I kept moving at a pace that made sense.

Many People Believe That Success Only Happens To The "Lucky" Ones

This is not true.  Success can happen to anyone and it comes in phases.  Never believe that you can't do something because you are afraid of the results.  As long as you aren't hurting anyone keep going.  You are completely liable for the things that happen in your life.  The "lucky" people that succeed are people that were prepared when the opportunity came about.  If you can push forward with your action to achieve your goals, luck isn't a factor.  It was you the whole time that got you where you wanted to be.  

Quitting A Job Is Not The Best Answer

You need to align yourself with your goals, set it up, and once you feel 100% confident that you can take on the struggles that come your way to follow your dreams, pull the trigger.  I left a great company recently that provided free lunch, had great people, and contributed honestly to their market/community.  I left because I wasn't doing work that made me feel great.  The work I am pursuing with Binjet Media is what I am and what I live for.  Working with local businesses and artists to achieve their highest potential is a key element in what Binjet Media is.  

The age of information and digital communication is a giant wave and its time to embrace and surf on it.  

People aren't relying on giant media companies as much as they used to before dial-up internet. We are all connected through this thing we call the web.  Videos go viral, pictures get criticized, people do rigorous search on products, and services to make a very educated guess that their money is being spent perfectly.  People buy things based on their feelings, their current needs, and the impression they get from the seller, company, and price.  It boils down to multiple things:

  • Research & Buying
    People want the best quality for the cheapest price.  eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, and many other engines are providing the best ways to get any product cheap.  Amazon is spear heading the user experience by implementing new technologies for shopping.  All the major companies will eventually follow suit to allow market share to thrive in their favor.  It is a giant game of trial and error and those that succeed are ones that completely dissolve an inefficiency in the research & buying process.
  • Viral Content and Effective Content
    Marketing has become organic.  People come up with content every minute that promote engagement.  The engagement trails a sense of culture that contemplate what our society is becoming and growing into.  Information is traded across the world and with that comes this sense of limitless potential.  Content that is effective, functional, and shareable can be worth more than money in some cases.
  • Criticized Content Driving Awareness
    The second someone talks about a subject regarding a company, culture, movement, and art is the minute the subject has achieved success in their efforts to reach the community.  Take for example a political call to action against racism.  People will find channels to produce content that promote controversy and at the expense of a sensitive topic, it drives awareness and brings about an engine for people to ride on.  Most people aren't aware of these subtle marketing schemes because it may seem like a natural engagement in terms of following the "right thing".  At the end, people are working in synergy to protect their assets and improve/promote their own value system.  

Following Your Dreams And Living A Life Of Happiness Requires Work

We all work to achieve results.  I started Binjet Media with the intention to build a community that enables people to feel that their brand is unique and important. Binjet stands for "whole heartedly satisfied" in Khmer.  I came from a family that admired hard work and good work ethic.  I abide by the same thinking but I have expanded my knowledge to understand the quality in networking and investing.  Networking with people that align myself with my original goals means that I am consistently communicating with people that are actually effecting their community.  What I gain from this relationship is internal growth to keep pushing forward.  Investing my time and money into activities that set me free and fill my heart with joy means that I tend my energy to things that embrace compassion, financial freedom, and authenticity.  You can quit your job to follow your dreams, but it takes work, preparation, and knowledge to pursue this.  Passion by itself will not bring you the the highest potential.  I'm not saying I've become completely successful, I am saying that everyday I work to achieve my goals.  My goals always align with my morals to help the community and build a life for myself worth sharing.

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