You Have Your Images & Photos of Your Business, Now What?

We are here to tell you that engagement with your customers is a key element in growing organically.  When you can blog about your customers, tell your market how unique they are, your business will build off of a great foundation!  You are in the business of building relationships and offering a product and/or service that your community finds valuable.  Remember, you are the only business, artists, and organization that can do what you do, even though you may have competitors, you do it your way the best. Remember that. 

Take it to the next level.  You do it your way and that is something people find valuable.  Now that you have found a rhythm, you've created digital content to brand and market what you do and offer. It's now time to engage with your customers.  Engage with other businesses.  Build a community with organizations that will help your business grow!  How do you do that?  Build a Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and business Website.  If you need help with that you can contact any one of us at Binjet Media to make it happen.  Okay, so now that you've built these sites, what now?  You have to start using your phone and computers to engage.  We are in the age of information and people need information like they need air and water.  Information drives sales and the way you present that is critical.  Produce 100 videos, create 100 pictures, write 30 blogs, and do these things every month!  If you can't produce this much, produce as much as you possibly can.  This is about getting into the rhythm in a new operation!  

If you are a startup and don't have all the time in the world to accomplish these tasks in the timeframe you give yourself, acknowledge what you do have and just keep pushing.  Digital content must be created authentically in order for your brand to grow.  It takes many months for traction to start happening.  But if you can be consistent in your work, the world is in your hands!

What did we learn today?
1) Engaging with your customers is a key element in building your brand and market. 
2) Produce content that will help your customers understand you and build lots of it.
3) Launch them onto sites that create conversations.  No matter what the topic, you want your customers to remember you the next time they think of your industry.  

Here is the formula for those starting off:
Build Sites (Social Media & Website) + Create Content (Photos + Videos) + Launch & Engage = Branding Growth

Here is the formula for those who are established:
Create Content and lots of it + Launch & Engage = Brand Authority

If you have questions, you can contact us!  We are human, we aren't always about revenue, we are about building relationships that serve growth to education, arts, and business. 

Siha GnetComment