Need To Increase Online & Foot Traffic? Adopt Google Business View!

What is Google Business View you might ask?  It is a premium quality interactive 360 virtual tour of your business inside and out powered by Google Street View.  In fact, it was born out of Google Street View so business owners can show off their shops, offices, and restaurants!  Want to sign up or just talk to someone that creates them?  Contact or visit

Google Business View has become a tool for consumers to make empowered decisions on where they want to spend their time and money.  If you aren't on Google Maps and you are a store front business owner, you need to jump on the band wagon now because you are losing customers as you are reading this.  

74% of consumer rely on Google to find their place of business.  Out of a survey that was done over 1,800 people, 84% preferred businesses with Google Business View.  Technology is the way and the force friends.  We must all embrace the innovation and become one with how things are moving!  

You might ask, well then, if I do a remodel at my store, that means I have to get another one done?  The truth is, once you have one done, you've already built a relationship with your photographer and so you push him or her to do another one for a discount.  

How does this build online and foot traffic?  It's simple.  Look at this formula below:

74% of people use Google as a means of finding out information
84% of people, on average, prefer businesses with Google Business View

So... if you take, lets say, a population of 100,000 people to be conservative.
100,000 (.74) = 74,000 people who use Google in general
74,000 (.84)= 62,160 people prefer places who adopted Google Business View

Out of 100,000 people 62,160 people will probably look at your site and get this, they will look at it 6 times longer because the virtual tour is interactive.  Now you tell me if you will organically see an increase in online and foot traffic. 

Siha GnetComment