Is The Human Element in Business & Branding Necessary? Yes, Absolutely.

People seem to forget why they go into business.  The point of business isn't always about making money, it's about lasting relationships. One day we will cease to exist and when that day comes there will be no more opportunities to create the world in which you see fit. With technology growing at an exponential rate, kids are using iPad tablets, smart phones, and computers to engage with one another; the next-generation might not be able to look into someone's eyes and communicate in a level that is critical to gaining trust. Technology should be intertwined with the human element. We should not automate engagement.  We should have human engagement. What we should also do is create and produce value all the time. From there we launch and engage first as human beings and second as professionals in business.  

No matter what industry you are in, you have a responsibility to maintain your relationships in order to grow as a person and as an organization. It's perfectly fine to be unreasonable because being unreasonable pushes people to understand something different. But never lose what is most important. The human element. Putting down your phones and computers to understand nature and the dynamics of your relationships. 

Do you want to create your business with weak foundations?  This is where the human element comes in to mold your foundation to be long lasting. You are a creator and everybody that comes to you find you valuable. Authenticity is one of the major elements that sets you aside from your competitors. Combine authenticity with the human element in building whatever empire you dream of, you will be un-stoppable. 

Siha GnetComment