You have Your Business. How Do You Get Found On Google? 5 Quick DIY Steps

You've worked long hours and resisted many temptations to stop in the middle of the night to achieve your goals.  You've been in business for a while but still require someone to teach you something new about technology that doesn't seem to stick.  You might be overwhelmed with online platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Twitter, and Facebook.  You may even think...Social Media? I have my nephew/niece do all of it.  Google? I have this web company fix all of that.  You've earned your way into the marketplace with your history and savvy ways of doing business but what about getting found on Google?  

Google is used by over 1 billion people every month.  In fact, there are millions of people right now doing a Google search on something.  That something probably isn't going to be you if you don't get on board with active engagement and knowledge on how this all works.  

Being present online is more important than ever in today's business.  We all strive to be discovered by people at some level to receive more business, fans, customers, or what have you, at the end of the day, more than 74% of our population rely on Google for almost everything related to location and knowledge.  

So HOW does your business get found on Google the "Do It Yourself" DIY way? Here are your 5 DIY steps!

1) Sign up your business with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a business website; preferably a content management system (CMS) sort of site like SquareSpace or Wordpress.
Why set up all of these platforms?  Because you need to engage with your customers on social media and then they will want to find your actual website somewhere to know you are legitimate.  It's not hard to set up social media sites as long as you have at least 1-3 different vector image graphics, images of you in your business, and other forms of digital media ie: Videos & Presentations.

2) Start connecting with people and organization that follow your businesses mission statement.  Connecting with other people will only make you smarter and productive. 
Why do you need to connect with other people? Because other people will push you to think and grow your brand.  You have to be adaptable to people that think differently than you because being exposed to those elements will make you unstoppable in terms of adapting to issues and growth.

3) Build a sense of expertise and authority through videos and blogs.  People like to engage with information that they can use in their own lives.  If you can give them a piece of a big puzzle, they will usually want to come back to get more clues to the next piece as long as you stay relevant in their online life. 
Why do you need to build authority? Because people like to follow other people that know what they are talking about.  Think about the one person in your life that never quit or kept pushing to be the best at what he/she does.  Whenever you think of the industry they are in you instantly think of them. 

4) Create a email newsletter retainer.  Use something like MailChimp.  You want to engage with your fans via email because its what is "comfortable" for people.  Knowing that they get a weekly or monthly newsletter on new information from their favorite brand is going to keep the momentum alive.
Why do you need to have a retainer? Because these are the people that talk about your valued brand.  Your customers, fans, and business enthusiast are the ones that create that word of mouth/click of mouse motion.  If you don't feed the engine you are going to start slowing down which in turn will mean you will eventually stop on the track you've built.  

5) Monitor and track your sites and pages with Google Analytics and recycle from step 2.  You need information on where your customers are going, how long, and what is most popular.  Remember that your customers move your brand and it's important to cater to their needs since they are the ones creating your future.  You can be picky too.  You don't need to cater to everyone.  It's impossible.  That is why you are you.  You are authentic.  No matter if there is a million people that do the same work you do, no one will ever do it your way.  Embrace it and optimize on it.

How does this get you found on Google?  You are engaging with customers, connecting with people, launching digital content, creating retainers, and tracking your progress.  These are all the basic elements in creating an online presence which will in turn bring you up on Google Search results.  Getting optimized on Google My Business is smart as well.  Claim you business on Google Maps and Yelp. 

What did we learn today?  That engaging online with customers, creating fresh new content, and feeding the hearts and minds of customers/fans on a normal basis is the foundation of your Google Search growth.  As you learn your way around this, you will also learn and evolve your brand to the next phase it was meant to go into.  

Siha GnetComment