How to Embed a Google Street View Virtual Tour on Facebook


Here's how to quickly embed your Google Street View virtual tour on your Facebook business page:  

  • Visit Woobox to get the free app, which places a tab on your Facebook business page that is accessible via desktop browsers or with a mobile link.
  • Grab the HTML embed code directly from your Google Street View virtual tour and paste it into Page Source on Woobox. You can also customize the size of the tour in this step.
  • Customize your tab by changing the tab name and image on Woobox.
  • Check out your new tab on your Facebook business page!

For a detailed step-by-step, follow our 10 steps below.

Don't have a tour yet?

1. Visit Woobox to signup for a free account using your Facebook login to access the app. (You'll want to make sure you're logged into the Facebook account that you use to access your business page)

2. Select Static Tabs at the top of the screen.

3. Create a new tab by selecting HTML Fangate Tab.

** Woobox will then add the tab to your Facebook business page and you'll see this message: "A new HTML Fangate Tab was successfully added to your Facebook page."

4. You'll need to grab the HTML embed code for your virtual tour. You can find this embed code by Googling your business name and clicking on See Inside to access the tour.

5. Click on the 3 menu dots next to your business' name in the top left corner of your tour then click share or embed image.

6. Select the size you want for your tour - small, medium, large, or custom.
** PRO TIP: Select Large as your size then change the width in the embed code to 100% so your tour will respond to the width of all screen sizes.

7. Copy the embed code and go back to Woobox. 

8. Under Page Source, make sure HTML is selected and paste the embed code.

9. Make sure your settings match mine below and click Save Settings.

10. Customize your tab by clicking Tab Settings and changing the Tab Image and Tab Name. Click Save Settings.

DONE! Check out your new tab on your Facebook business page!

** FYI: As of today, there's no way to get your tab to show up on the Facebook mobile app. There are workarounds, such as sending people to the tab via a mobile link, but this is usually not very efficient. We'll be sure to keep you updated if Facebook ever adds this capability!

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