What We're Loving - January 2016

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I'm on my phone ALL. THE. TIME. and apps are my lifeline. So I figure it's time Binjet Media shares the apps, tools, softwares as services (SaaS) or what we like to call ~weapons~ we use to kill it in digital marketing! Stay tuned every month for our favorite weapons that help make our lives and business better.

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Are you on Twitter? You should be if you're not yet, and if you are, follow @binjetmedia

Obviously Twitter has been around for years, but it's come such a long way as THE place to conversate with individuals, brands, and businesses. It's like binging on all your favorite topics and receiving high visibility when you tweet (although we hear this might change).

The reason why it made our first list is because Facebook continues to suck for businesses' organic engagement. Look, we LOVE Facebook, but there's no need to sugarcoat it. Facebook only shows your organic posts to about 2-6% of your followers. It's not that we're against Facebook, because Facebook Ads are amazing for revenue and traffic growth, but if your goal is to really be in your followers' faces without paying to boost a post, Twitter is the place to do it organically!

We've been hash tagging, retweeting/quote retweeting, liking, following, replying, posting polls, and TWEETING non-stop and the results have been amazing! For almost every tweet, we receive either a heart, a retweet, or a follow.

We've tripled our followers by doing one thing -- tweeting constantly! I'm not talking about 1 tweet a day. I'm talking at least 10 per day. Those 10 tweets include retweeting, replying, and posting original content or articles from our favorite blogs.

It pays to engage! We just got started on Twitter, so I can't wait to see where we are 6 months from now!



I've been a long time Instagram lover (check out my personal account @jen.njuice). With 75 million daily users, Instagram is a huge opportunity usually missed by businesses. Only recently has Binjet started Instagramming for business. Follow @binjetmedia on Instagram and we'll follow back! 

Account switching on Instagram!

Account switching on Instagram!

*NEW* Instagram recently introduced account switching! Now you can seamlessly switch between your personal and business account!

As a business, we're still trying to figure out our niche and how we want to combine our love for photography with lead generation. The most popular accounts on Instagram have a consistent theme between all their shots. This sets a standard for quality, and if unique enough, a theme gives users a reason to follow you. What makes your brand special? Instagram is the place to showcase your brand's personality and fun side. Show off everything that makes your business special but do it with class. 

Follow these quick tips for Instagramming for business:

  • Post high quality images AT LEAST 3x/week. It's better to post 3 great shots instead of 7 lame ones.
  • Engage with people you want to follow back. Comment, like, and follow those who share a similar theme or audience as your brand.
  • Study relevant hash tags. Instagram's homepage has trending hash tags, which are updated throughout the day. Explore different hash tags and see what other people are posting and how your photos might work with that hash tag.
  • Use each photo's description as a call-to-action. Whether you're sending people to the "link in bio" or asking people to "DOUBLE TAP if you agree," use this area to tell people what you want from them! Add some humor and emojis and a lot of personality!

Periscope and Facebook Live

The hype is REAL! Live video chatting is taking over and is SO fun! Businesses and brands should utilize these tools for quick, spur-of-the-moment trainings, behind the scenes, contests, and more! You can download Periscope from the App Store and use Facebook Live on a desktop browser or in the Facebook app.


We use Periscope and Facebook Live multiple times per week, giving people insight into a day in the life of Binjet. We turn the app on during photo/video shoots and when we're in the mood to rant on important topics and share our latest projects. We want to see what you're Periscoping so find @binjetmedia on Periscope!

How are you using Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, or Facebook Live to build your brand? What are your favorite tips for growing your followers? Share in the comments below!

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