The Future of 360° Art and Science


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The consuming world of 2016 is in it's growing intermediate stages in this age of information.  

The question arises, has the invention of social media, search engines, and the internet given rise to scientists and artists that produce technology that make our human experience less human?  Have we become beings tethered to screens, notifications, instant gratification, and anticipation?  This blog article won't be about why our society has become deep rooted in technology, but rather the opposite.  As we continue to make leaps and strides with technology and the user experience, we become closer.  Information becomes more relevant allowing people to make substantial decisions with shopping, eating, travel, and more.  This is where we transition to the human experience and why 360° digital media has taken off.  People are sharing, building, and inspiring with 360° content where the user controls perspective.  This makes the virtual experience become that much more real.

Have you ever seen 360° videos or photos from your computer or smartphone?  

Or virtual reality content (VR) with Google cardboard or Samsung gear?  It's becoming more common today to find content where you control the video/photo perspective in 360°.  From videos, photos, to gaming, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Google introduced Google Street View in the mid 2000's.  Facebook released Facebook 360 to consumers on June 9th, 2016.  Sony Playstation is releasing HD VR Gaming as we speak.  The fact is, people entertained by this experience cause companies to meet the demands by pushing technology to its next phase.  

We are constantly pushing one another to be better and take on the next adventure.  With 360° content becoming a normal part of the customer journey, an experience someone goes through to make a real transaction, why do you need to adapt to what is happening?  When I say you, I mean your brand, business, ideas, services, and products.  Why should you take this 360° technology and adopt it into your business?  The answer is because you will cater to a large market and your goals are to build relationships with people that otherwise would be strangers.  360° digital media content receive 6 times more engagement than static photos and videos.  The average person feels empowered when they can control the volume, time, and speed of content with video.  Now, with 360° content, they can be empowered by going inside the content with more control over the experience.  360° content allows for the user to learn and send electrical signals to the brain that require more coordination and attention.  This activity in itself allows your business and brand to delivery what you genuinely believe is of value through design and experience. 

Facebook and Google are the giants spearheading consumer 360° content.

With Google Street View | Trusted virtual tours and video/photo tours on Facebook, you will see this technology becoming a part of organic interactions.  Over 75% of people in the modern world have smartphones capable of sending and receiving data.   Every single one of these people will, at some point, experience something remarkable.  The new age of media naturally pushes 360° content to be of remarkable value.  People using 360° content to inspire others are accidental ambassadors and early adopters.   This phase, in any kind of innovation, is needed to provide substance for the longevity and practicality of new technologies.  Big tech companies like Samsung, Google, Sony, Facebook, and Apple are up to compete and dominate the VR world.   With that being said, you should take steps to understand how you can play the game of 360° video/photo content which will ultimately help you stand out against the noise.

As technology becomes more reliable in the 360° VR and Content front, it's important to understand your business with Google and Facebook.

Your business physical store front is just the tip of the iceberg to those who don't know you.  If you are new to town or haven't had the boost you crave for your business, take the time right now to listen, read, and digest how the functions of the internet can serve you.  Not being available online offers more questions than solutions.  Over 90% of consumers rely on a Google Search, Social Media, digital content, information, and value before they make a real transaction.  You don't ever want to fall between the cracks because of ignorance regarding the benefits of internet tools. 

We don't get to see the beauty of the those moments as often as we may or may not want.  The bottomline is that our virtual interactions are becoming more substantial and requires more of the human brain to process and build connections.  With 360° digital content, you are delivering an explosion of content that will guarantee 6x more engagement per encounter.  Take some time to learn how you can start creating your own 360° content and posting on Facebook.  Find the Street View app and iPhone Pano camera setting can give some control over low quality 360° content.  At the end of the day, you are essentially supplying the market to engage on a more human level with you and what you stand for.  Be great, be present, and make a difference in someones life today.