Lion Gets Bullied By Violent Hyenas Until His "Homeboy" Shows Up


The king/queen of the jungle does not get pushed around easily. Even with a gang of violent animals, the king/queen fights relentlessly until they win or die. (Siha Gnet)


Lions Are The Kings Of Their Land — Even When They Are Challenged By Gangs Of Violence

This lion was walking around and stumbled upon a gang of hyenas. Little did he know the gang was made up of 20+ violent hyenas that wanted to show their strength and perhaps do harm to this lost lion.

With persistence and strength, while being outnumbered, this lion does not give up. He fights off these hyenas relentlessly. One bite after another, these Hyenas seem to have an upper hand given their large numbers. But this does not last long…

His “homeboy” brother hears the ruckus and walks to the sound with curiosity and soon to be vengeance. With the two reunited, they intimidate the hyenas away and fight back with their carnivorous ways.

What’s the takeaway for us humans?

Don’t mess with kings and queens in their purpose and passion. The more we fight and contribute negatively with the flaws of your professional and personal relationships, the more negativity you get in return. Everything in life is revolved around perspective, attitude, and how you react. Take the time to understand your relationships with ideas and people, these things live in a king/queen like state in their own respective worlds.

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