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Being empowered to take action can be a tricky situation to be in.

We hear the ideas of motivation and inspiration from people that are successful. The ideas we have behind success and wellness are intricate. We live a complex life. Not everything is perceived the same way from one person to another. The idea of being empowered comes with a price. That price is allowing oneself into the unknown which may or may not serve us. The unknown can be scary. The unknown is new. The unknown can be amazing. These are all things that are true from one person to the next. Being empowered can mean that you are ready to take on the next chapter of your life. The next idea. The next...thing. The problem with being empowered is that, it can trick you into doing things that may not serve you. Wait a second, what if the “thing” that didn’t serve you from being empowered did serve you somehow? What if being empowered allowed you to see things differently and gave you the option to grow? Doesn’t that count as something that serves you and bring value into your life? This may be true, but remember, being empowered comes with responsibilities that only you can decipher and put meaning into.

When you can put meaning into the activities and relationships you have with yourself and the world around you, you are able to grow.

When you decide to be OK in the chaos of your decisions, that’s when you can grow. Often times, people get stuck because they are afraid of what the outcomes of something might be. People are afraid of learning what their potential is and the abilities that make their world a better place. Putting meaning into your relationships allows you to say NO and YES to obstacles that build you as a person. People are afraid to grow because they don’t know what is beyond the now. When you are empowered and have the ability to put meaning into your relationships and experiences, you are able to adapt. Adapting is important for growth and if you decide right now that you are willing to grow and put aside your personal beliefs to understand what is different or unique, you are able to progress into the next thing.

When you decide to make your life worth it, you are able to bring value to the world automatically.

When you see yourself as someone important, in a non-arrogant way, you can genuinely bring value into the world you serve. Think about it like this, if you believed that your insight and experience can get someone out of a bad situation, you have the potential to change that person’s life in an instant whether big or small. Here’s a simple example. Say someone wanted to learn how to communicate better, but they were afraid of what others thought of them the minute they opened their mouth. That person might have issues of self confidence. That person might have life experiences that make them have limiting beliefs. The fact is, there are thousands of variables that you won’t know or have control over. The fact still remains that, this person wants to learn how to communicate better but doesn’t know how. Now that you know this, let’s say you are a great communicator. Let’s also say that you were able to learn these skills after going through your own life experiences and practicing it on a regular level. You find that you are confident in communication and your goal in life might be to help people find that confidence. You have decided that you are good enough, that you are able to deliver value to this person that does not understand what you understand. That is because you are confident and able to deliver ideas and experiences to this person in a way that you enjoy. You find value in yourself in order to help another person.

The ideas behind empowerment, meaningful relationships, and self-value is simple.

There won’t be one right answer. There will be many right answers. Being empowered can be tricky, but it’s only tricky when you observe it. When you analyze it. When you see it as an opportunity, you have to own the responsibility to make choices. Those choices follow up with self-value and relationships. Think of it like this. When you are stressed, depressed, anxious, upset, disappointed, you will find negativity in your relationships and self power. You will bring yourself down to a level of fear and shame. Maybe you go beyond that. The truth is, you are the source to everything you attract in life. You can come out of being negative by breathing and taking a break from what is going on. What happens when you feel fear and negativity is your mind and body protecting you. You were educated to believe that the outcome of something will make your life worse. You were educated to filter ideas that help serve you and protect your own well being. When you are stiff you can break. If you are soft, you can adapt. A good metaphor is water.

Water is adaptable because it can be absorbed and its shape constantly changes.

Water, although harmless in small amounts and for nutrition, can be deadly. It pushes through icy winter and continues the flows of rivers. It can drown any living being and sabotage large machines and earth. It’s a powerful force and the source for life. Water, although adaptable and malleable, can cause extreme destruction. This is a great metaphor for being a balanced human being. You as a human being can be adaptable like water. With being open to change and movement, you have a big responsibility. That responsibility is the freedom to make choices. Choices that build you as a person that others remember and find value in.

What does this all mean anyway?

It means that you have the choice to make a difference right now if you want. It means the world is going to continue to move and you have the ability to say YES or NO to the experiences that may have a positive impact in your life. At the end of the day, we are all a blip in time and space. You have the choice to make your life remarkable by being OK with yourself. By being empowered through understanding that you always have a choice. You have unlimited choices until you can’t make anymore choices. You are a creator in your own right. You are exactly what you need to be right now.

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