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Everyday We Follow A Routine That Makes It Easy To Forget The Value Of Learning Something New

The world is full of imagination and people doing remarkable things. Mainstream media portrays the world through an agenda tethered to big money. The smaller guys who make the world a better place, one day at a time, don’t get the spotlight. People who have ideas, provide services, and products can be someone's hero. The story of pain and success go hand in hand in the human journey. Binjet Media is producing a series called Whole Heart to tell stories of everyday people making a difference in their communities with ideas worth sharing. Our hope is to inspire others with ideas. We believe it’s important to spark meaningful conversations to build a world full of color and meaning. We believe the world is a better place when we communicate effectively and wholeheartedly.


Not All Content Deserves To Be Spotlighted

We live in a culture where information is readily available and shareable. This kind of power comes with the responsibility to be open minded and kind. Some parts of society are numb to sensitive content that devalue human kindness and love. Ofcourse it is important to educate about facts and current events but no one wants to see someone get shot on a news feed. What if that person was you? How would you feel? These are questions you should ask. There is still good in the world. Actually, we believe there is more good than bad. That is why we have so much faith in the story.


We Believe Everyone Has A Story

Every story has its time and place. As people in the age of instant gratification and information, we have to live in a balance of understanding how to receive information and communicate effectively. Communication is the key to having a meaningful relationship. Communicating is the basis of all human knowledge. Before knowledge came imagination. All of this starts with the idea of “what if”.  As human beings on planet earth we want to grow. We want to innovate. We want to push the boundaries and find new answers. Unlike knowledge, imagination has no limitation. Imagination gives birth to creativity. Creativity then creates knowledge through trial and error. Through real life experiences can we be able to tell stories of pain and success. This is the basis of relationships and having a wholehearted bond with ideas and tradition.


The World As You Currently Know It Is A Reflection Of How You’ve Been Educated

The world becomes what you believe it is. Education and belief are two elements in what make you the complex and critical thinker you are. You’ve created the environment you are in which serves your understanding of the world. Through Binjet Media’s Whole Heart series we want to take you on an epic journey. Through common goals in freedom, art, and wellness. The human element is what makes life extraordinary because it’s fragile. By understanding the world through a web of interconnected experiences, we can all learn to adapt and grow. Your world is deciphered through your filter and it’s common to not understand what is unfamiliar. Our goal with you is to bridge the unknown and validate your connection with kindness.


Being Able To Receive Is A Remarkable Gift

For example, people get fearful of compliments and most are shy to receive such gifts. By receiving, you are able to love. We hope that you are able to receive the information from Whole Heart series as a gift to challenge your ideas. In order to grow we must question the world we live within reason. Binjet Media Whole Heart series will be a way for all of us to discuss important ideas on human growth and innovation. It will give all of us the permission to be authentic and critical members of a productive society. We hope to inspire others to take on their own journey to create genuine value for themselves and the world they serve. Beyond the brand, beyond the company, beyond all of this are minds and hearts that all have one thing in common. To be connected. We deliver content that spark meaningful conversation. We look to embark on an ever growing journey of human development in innovation, wellness, and art.