Why Sharing In 2018 Feels Chaotic


Fear In Sharing And Communicating

2018 has become a year of chaos in more ways than one. Ultimately, we have a jackass for a U.S. president, our communities are feeling less connected due to income inequality, and more people are experiencing the consequences of climate change. Through all of this, one may feel overwhelmed in multiple ways. The thought of sharing in the age where everyone has high potential to be offended only causes everyone else to feel afraid of being judged and manipulated. As new generations come of age, there will be new ways of thinking. This year has become a year full of doubtful hopes and self-help influencers. The more we try to fix, the more problems seem to unravel. Here is the thing, we have built momentum for actual and substantial reasons to share and communicate. Don’t be afraid, let’s explore why 2018 feels chaotic and how to solve some of these problems when it comes to communicating in the digital age.

Videos, Vlogs, Podcast, And Content

You have become an expert in your world. This doesn’t mean you are the ultimate best and smartest person in this particular industry...that doesn’t exist by the way, but this means you need to share. There are dozens of ways to share. It’s easy to record with your smartphone and edit images on your computer or hire someone else to this right? The biggest problem you may have is hitting that publish button. It’s the feeling of...what if someone judges me? What if I’m ugly? What if I offend someone? What if someone thinks I am dumb? These are real thoughts and feelings all of us feel. It’s OK. The fact is anyone can publish content as long as they have an internet connection and it’s not uncommon to see random pieces of content getting thousands if not millions of views. The goal here isn’t to go viral. The goal is to share. Sharing your ideas, your thoughts, stories that may help the world be constructive and not destructive. Using whatever platform you feel comfortable with to broadcast ideas is a great start. Society has become insensitive to certain self destructive, non-compassionate character traits for the exchange of likes and views. We’re not promoting you do this. Your ideas and stories should be of help to others and by keeping this core value, you will find a light that will pave the path you are looking for. Through videos, blogs, podcast, and writing, your content can literally be a means of hope for someone.


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Why Social Media and Search Engines Rely On You

It’s not your job to maintain these giant tech platforms unless you actually work for them...if that’s the case, thank you! Without human beings using them, these platforms would be irrelevant. The only reason why Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google exist is because we share information, create ideas, and communicate via image and sound. The basic function of all of this is communication. Think of it like this. When you need to find a doctor, you will typically Google or Yelp the best ones in your area. When you want to shop for a product you may typically find it on Amazon or eBay. Information is the backbone of these platforms and it requires you to create the value in communication. Social Media and Search Engines rely on you because they need someone to publish content and consume content. Going back to the days before the internet, we had books, newspapers, radio, and TV. These are all elements of communication that require a producer and consumer in order to work. What’s the point in knowing this? Understand that you have true value. The value you have is your experience. Your knowledge. Your opinion. People complain about others being too open and sharing too much. It’s common to think this way when you feel fear. Fearing what others will think of you. Know that you are an expert of you. That is enough and people are looking to connect with it.


It’s OK To Have An Opinion

You are the root of change. You are the source of growth and connection. When you have an opinion, it comes from a place of experience, wisdom, knowledge, and influence. If you didn’t have an opinion, the world would stop innovating. It may sound extreme but think about it. Your opinion has a trickle up and down effect in your network. That network may influence other networks and the content you may produce around this opinion is a beautiful thing. We don’t want you to promote ill-mannered destructive ideas of violence, we want your intuitive ability to communicate in order to help others. What did you discover that has helped you become a better XYZ? What kind of experience do you want others to feel with your artwork and practice? Without your opinion, you are basically choosing not to participate in what you enjoy being around and feeling. Your opinion can also influence personal growth. You may come across some ideas that you’ve never thought of had you never expressed yourself. Your opinion matters and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise because believing that your voice and thoughts are irrelevant is only going to bring your power down.


Putting Your Chaos In Order

It’s OK to feel chaotic. It’s OK to not know certain things. Life is not always peachy keen and this is the reason why we worry. The foundation of our human experience boils down to how we interpret and react to life’s events. This is not to bring you down, but rather, open your mind. Become powerful mentally and emotionally. Bring value into a world you fit in. There has been a paradigm shift in culture in the United States. 2018 is the your opportunity to share and communicate with other people about your ideas. There will be thousands of people on the internet weaving in and out of content that will help you become a well rounded person. You may come across ideas that make you angry and others happy. The truth is you are meant to experience the world wholeheartedly and not sharing your passions with the world will bring less color and innovation into the world. You’ve always had the ability to do this, now get going. It’s time you become the best version of you.


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