How Much Can Local Businesses Learn From Innovative People Like Elon Musk of Tesla Motors

Lots.  One new truth is they are launching a new model for consumers in the market for a $35,000.00 car. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment being that their cars are 100% electric. As a digital media production company, we think Tesla has something to say on how technology meets consumers.  Their cars truly cater to multiple markets.  Their technology produces "wow" factors across the world.  They keep up with how people think and the needs of most communities.  They are truly a marvel in technology, innovation, and outreach. 

So what is the big deal and how does this relate to me as a business owner and producer?  Here are just X main reasons it is relevant to you right now in this day and age. 

People Want Things That Will Make A Difference In Their Lives

Tesla Model 3 is just that.  The work that goes into your business is a reflection of how much innovation and imagination you provide to the world.  Tesla provides significant differences in peoples lives by means of transportation and user experience.  You, as a business owner, rely on the customer experience to become truly admirable in the marketplace.  You make a difference by offering your authentic products and services.  Elon Musk believes in open sharing and providing the world with information to progress our society.   You are on the same boat, so what is your motive?  Making people happy?  Providing the best service?  Changing the environment?  Whatever your ultimate goal is, you must relate it back to how you can possibly make a difference in peoples lives.  This difference should be helpful and impactful to people. 

Provide A Product Or Service That Is Not Just Cool But Effective

How many times have you gone shopping and realized that you might be over paying for something?  How many times have you decided that the restaurant you arrived at should've provided more information online?  Shoppers rely on technology and content that is relevant to their situation.  It cannot just be cool, it must also be effective.  The reason for this is that coolness is not sustainable.  It's like having the coolest looking car with no functional engine.  There is no point.  It won't get you from point A to point B.  Tesla was able to utilize technology that is world-class and provide it to average consumers so they can effectively go from point A to point B in style.  Your product and/or service must reflect the same idea.  Your brand is authentic.  Optimize on that and provide to your customers something that is truly worth talking about while making a big impact in their lives for the better. 

Be Relevant With Your Community Using All Paths Of Communication And Technology

The bottomline is obscurity kills business (Grant Cardone).  We all need to jump on the bandwagon that is relevant to the community.  What does this mean?  It means you need to be relevant to people through mobile technology, computers, print, and word of mouth.  All of these elements are paths you can reach out to your marketplace and if done on a level that is consistent, you will be relevant to people regardless of how people receive you.  Tesla was able to tackle this by creating a digital campaign that is relevant to people.  Tesla allows people to see their information.  Tesla creates a user experience that is world-class which is contagious to media companies, bloggers, and fans.  Your business, whatever you do, relies on your community and you are responsible for communicating your ideas, services, and products to them through all things technology and relevancy.  Your customers deserve it, you deserve it, so get it done!

The Bottomline Of The Relationship Between Tesla And Your Business

You are an authentic business producing for your community and market.  Tesla continues to deliver products and information to people on a level that is self sustained.  Your business has to be relevant, effective, and  productive for people if you want to stay passionate and alive.  Provide as much information about your business online as you possibly can.  Do what you know is authentic to progress your market.