Why Should You Squeeze Your Video Content Dry?

The "orange juice squeezing" image is a metaphor of how video can be squeezed into multiple digital assets. The orange slice is the "video". When squeezed into the glass, the result are elements such as podcasts, blogs, visuals, and content series. In this article, we talk about how and why it's important to repurpose and squeeze your video content dry.

Video is one of the most engaging methods to communicate. No matter your purpose, video touches multiple senses and creates paths to learn, entertain, and digest content. With video, you can "chop-up" or mix and match content to create multiple experiences. With the growth of on-demand content, video has a very long life span and should be "squeezed dry" to get the most life it can offer. We talk about some methods below! If you have other methods, please share them.


Through the "why" behind communication and delivery, we can alter the way our communities connect. (Siha Gnet)


Repurpose Your Video For Audio Podcasting


Podcasting is one of the top ways people utilize their downtime drives to work, plane rides, road trips, work around the house, work breaks, and more. To create a podcast is as simple as stripping the audio from your video, creating sound design and music around the audio, and voila! You're done! Although it is a little more complex than it sounds. The best way to produce a podcast is through editing software like Pro Tools, Audition, and other digital audio workstations (DAW). This way, you are able to customize the journey of the message.

For example, if you were to tell a story about your experience going through the streets of Cambodia where you came across the hustle and bustle of the city, to the serenity of farmland, you may consider using sound FX that create an environment for it. Podcasting is storytelling without imagery. Your video may already have sound design sewn into it. This is great since you'd be repurposing already produced media for podcasting.

The best way to enhance your podcasting project is to create a library of sounds and music that best describes your story. For example, if your story relied heavily on building up anticipation, maybe use sounds that provide the feeling of anticipation. If your story is fast-paced, consider using soundtracks and sound effects that match the pace of your story. The best podcasts are the ones that keeps people wanting more, tells an engaging story, and is supported with sounds that create a lasting impact.


Visual Graphic Design & Illustration


Now that we have the ability to film in 4K to 8K, we are able to capture ultra high-resolution frames from video. From one remarkable frame of video, you can create cover images, illustrations, animations, and build the framework for multiple assets. Graphic design and illustration usually start with an idea. With video, you already have a blueprint to start off of. From your video, try “screenshotting” or exporting the frame into a PNG and use it as a teaser, an article, a social media post. Your video does a great job of telling the story. Take it a step further and create content from interesting frames from the video that is sure to connect with someone down the road.

Whether you are selling an idea or a product, your graphics and illustration from video have multiple avenues to connect with people. With internet tools to connect with people like eMail, Social Media messaging, direct texting, direct mail, and organic meetups, images and a single frame from your video can have lasting impacts in building anticipation, action, and relationships.


Short Social Media Content Series

If you filmed an interview, movie, educational program, or anything for that matter, you should always consider creating short teasers or snippets from the main body of your video content. Having a series of video that is between 10 seconds to 59 seconds long can grab attention from those that don't know who you are. It's also great for those that already know you and want to learn about what you're up to.

There are multiple ways you can approach this. Some ways to consider is leveraging social media, your email list, and the websites you own. Dripping video content into the world can deliver messages that cater to a wide array of people. Also, don't worry about the views and engagement when publishing content. Once you've felt the content is ready, authentic, and communicates what you want, don't hesitate to leave it online regardless of what the view count and quantity of engagement is.


Articles & Blogs


Your video can be re-created into articles, blogs, and print campaigns. Through the power of one good video, you can create a long blog. Through your expertise in the video, you can create an in-depth article and print messaging.

Regardless of how you repurpose your content, know that through video, you are able to create multiple assets that can be designed to last months throughout multiple quarters within a year and beyond.


Video Has Multiple Uses

From the moment you hit record to the moment you click publish, know that one video can be repurposed, squeezed, and recycled to have long-lasting impacts. From podcasting, graphic design, to articles and blogs, video is all-encompassing. It paves the way for a blueprint in design. It builds a foundation for copywriting. It provides multiple experiences with the senses from our eyes to our ears. At the end of the day, creating a video that manages to produce even one connection is one connection more to achieving your next goal. Now go create!

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